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Bad Biker Kitties Are On The Prowl

Bad Biker Kitties Are On The Prowl
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Formula Juan Racer: Numero Uno!
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Baby Formula Juan Racer
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Monday, October 6, 2014

Kitten Motorcycle Gang

I get sidetracked very easily.  That is how I came up Kitten Motorcycle Gang, some ridiculous new characters that I hope to turn into an empire.  I envision plush toys, action figures, a movie, cat food, and a theme park attraction.  I'm still trying to name these bad biker kitties.  From Left to Right, there's Tiger (or Tommy), Sheba (or Kitty) and Hairball.  Or maybe Hunter, Leona, and Bruno.

I made a photo puppet of Hairball.  He is made of foam sheets, wire, and some fake fur (for his beard).

The motorcycle is just a metal decoration from the "man cave" section of a hobby store (it was on clearance).

Part of the inspiration for Kitten Motorcycle Gang is an old picture from the early 1990s I found of our family cat, Bud, lounging on a motorcycle.  I based KMG member Hairball on Bud.

We really should have dressed up Bud in a vest and put a bandana on his head.

Besides the fact that cats are popular on the Internet, and shows like Sons of Anarchy are big right now, I also had inspiration for Kitten Motorcycle Gang from something from the past.  That would be Topps Perlorian Cats Trading Cards.

Back in 2010, I wrote a Dizmentia post called Bad Biker Kitties: Topps Perlorian Cats (click the link to see that) and I noticed from the responses that some people were obsessed with those motorcycle cats.

Watch for Kitten Motorcycle Gang to rev up their cycles and roar (and purr) sooner than nine lives from now.  I'm thinking of songs that need to appear in a KMG movie.  Definitely Rock this Town by the Stray Cats and maybe Puss n' Boots by Atom Ant, and possibly Kitty by the Presidents of the United States of America.  And pretty much any song by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club---especially Need Some Air.

UPDATE: JUNE 19, 2017

The Kitten Motorcycle Gang characters are finally entering the third dimension, in the form of plush toys.

Kitten Motorcycle Gang Plush Toys
The first KMG character plush are currently under construction in Venice, Florida.  This tough guy is preparing for his upcoming photo shoot.  This weekend, I bought a Chopper for him.

I created a logo for Kitten Motorcycle Gang.

This KMG sign will be used as a prop for photos with the plush versions of the characters.

I have also been working on puppet versions of Kitten Motorcycle Gang characters.

The puppet KMG characters are being constructed using foam, wire and various materials.

The Kitten Motorcycle Gang has rivals.  The most infamous are the Teacup Piglet Hogs.

Buddy the pig enjoys combing his mohawk when he is not riding his bike.

I also created a logo for the Teacup Piglet Hogs.

This is also a sign that will be used for photos of the Hogs.

The Hare Raisers may look cute, but these bunnies are a force to be reckoned with.

The Hare Raisers are known to vandalize gardens and steal 14 Karat Gold.

Here is the logo I came up with for the Hare Raisers.

Rowdy members of the Hare Raisers are known to throw colorful, decorated, hard boiled eggs at their rivals on Easter.

I also created a logo for the Chihuahua Chopper Club.

These dogs may be small in stature, but they think they are the leaders of the pack.

The Chihuahua Chopper Club's most notorious canine is Bandito.

Bandito is friends with the Kitten Motorcycle Gang.  He sells them Catnip.

I've also been working on a puppet version of Bandito.

The leader of the Chihuahua Chopper Club has been the most challenging character to make, but he has been the most fun to work on, and is my favorite.

I love all things Rockabilly, and decided that roadrunners (with their natural, Elvis-like pompadours) could be a great gang of road warrior villains to threaten a tiny animal motorcycle gang.  The Rockabilly Road Runners are a force to be reckoned with---these birds eat rattlesnakes!

A lot of the inspiration for Rockabilly Road Runners is from Jurassic World, with its over-the-top velociraptor gang chasing Chris Pratt riding a motorcycle.  And real roadrunners look like living dinosaurs to me.

Plush toys of the Teacup Piglet Hogs, Hare Raisers, and the Chihuahua Chopper Club are in the works and will soon be ready to rumble with the Kitten Motorcycle Gang.