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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Cavity Crunch: Crispy Sweet Cereal with Minty Toothpaste Flavored Marshmallow Teeth

I have been watching a YouTube Channel called Cereal Time TV, and it inspired me to create a new Breakfast Cereal.  Cavity Crunch from General Sawmills takes inspiration from Wacky Packages, General Mills cereal from the 1970s and 1980s, and Little Shop of Horrors.  I'm now realizing that Dental Adam could be a cousin of Mr. Clean.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Inspector Gadget Hackwrench: 1988 Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers

Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers debuted on The Disney Channel (and then in Syndication) in 1989, but the characters started appearing in magazines in 1988.  I saved this page from a September 1988 issue of Cabletime magazine.  The Rangers look a bit different here, especially Gadget the mouse and Zipper the Fly.

Gadget originally had more mouse-like proportions, looking more like Bernard and Bianca from The Rescuers.  And Zipper looks a bit more like Evinrude the Dragonfly from the same film.

The original pitch for Rescue Rangers did not star Chip N Dale.  There were other mouse characters, including a prototype Monterey Jack and Gadget. 

Early promotional artwork like this also appeared in The Disney Channel Magazine prior to the sneak preview of the series.

When The Disney Channel started airing the show again as part of "The Block Party" circa 1995, the Channel's website posted publicity artwork featuring the early designs.

When Rescue Rangers is inevitably rebooted like DuckTales, it will be interesting to see what form the characters take.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Retro Kings Island: The Bat Came Back

In the amusement industry, sometimes a brief operating lifespan doesn't mean the ride is over.  The Bat was an Arrow Development suspended steel roller coaster that operated at Kings Island in Cincinnati, Ohio from 1981 to 1983.

The Bat was among the first of its kind, and a very popular ride.  There was an animated commercial promoting The Bat, plus a line of souvenir merchandise.

A Mason Jar Thing of The Bat at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio

Technical difficulties plagued the coaster, which led to an early closure.  Which also led to lots of rumors and urban legends, fueling The Bat's fame and keeping it in peoples' memories.  The Vortex roller coaster took over the site that had been home to The Bat (some elements of the old ride, like the load station, remain).

By 1993, Arrow had figured out how to build a suspended steel coaster, and teamed up with Kings Island to try it again.  By this time, Kings Island had a new owner (and the park was renamed Paramount's Kings Island--- really rolls off the tongue) and the new ride was themed to the film Top Gun.

The Bat Frisbee Comes Back To You When You Throw It

When Paramount sold Kings Island to Cedar Fair, the Top Gun theme had to be removed.  So Top Gun became Flight Deck in 2008.  For 2014, Cedar Fair did something that honored the history of Kings Island: they renamed Flight Deck to The Bat.

Cedar Fair totally redesigned the logo for The Bat, so this particular blood-sucker remains retired.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Disney's California Adventure McDonald's Happy Meal

In 2001, Disney's California Adventure theme park opened across the plaza from Disneyland in Anaheim, California.  The new addition marked the beginning of "The Disneyland Resort."

To celebrate California Adventure, McDonald's launched a set of Happy Meal toys.

Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy gave Californians a new fun place to escape reality---themed to California!

Disney's California Adventure opened to lots of fanfare, but this McDonald's Happy Meal promotion is probably not familiar to Americans.

The California Adventure Happy Meal was sold in McDonald's restaurants in Asian countries.  It was not a national promotion in the United States.

In the park's early days, the merchandise focused on the main Disney characters (celebrating California), and even on minor attractions like King Triton's Carousel.

Mickey Mouse is a photographer with a light up camera, ignoring his own rules about "No Flash Pictures, Please."

Hooray for Hollywood!  Go out and try your luck, you might be Donald Duck!  Hooray for Hollywood!

If you get famous enough, you may see your name in lights.  In cement?!?  Donald is a lucky duck.

Move over, Annette Funicello!  Minnie Mouse is having a ball going back to the beach.

Minnie ironically doesn't wear a mini skirt.

Surf's up!  Time for Goofy to do the dog paddle.

To my knowledge, there is no surfing at California Adventure.  There is a Surf Dog Snoopy ride at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio.  A Goofy version of that would have been a good fit for California Adventure.

Disney's California Adventure is now called Disney California Adventure.  The park had a rocky start with lower than expected attendance, but has bounced back with additions like the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and CarsLand.  I got to visit the park in October 2008, as big changes were being implemented.  I enjoyed my visit there.  I guess the changes were working, because the park was very crowded.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Looney Tunes 2017: The Inauguration of Sylvester's Replacement

I typically avoid politics, but I had an idea for a new Warner Brothers character that simply wrote itself.

A new adversary for Speedy Gonzales and Tweety Bird!  A huge personality.  A fat cat in every sense of the word.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Punky Brewster: Not In Birmingham

Brandon and Glomer from the Animated Punky Brewster
For whatever reason, the NBC affiliate in Birmingham, Alabama refused to air Punky Brewster.  ANY version of the show.

The live action series, which started in 1984, was forever preempted by something else:  sports, local programming, etc.  As a kid, I would check NBC every Sunday evening in the hopes that it would air when it was supposed to.  It actually did air ONE time (Part One of "The Perils of Punky"), which I can only assume was an accident.  Of course they did not air Part Two the next week.

The animated Punky Brewster was a 1985 Saturday Morning cartoon produced by Ruby-Spears.  In Birmingham, the series was not shown.  Instead, the station aired a locally made version of Bugs Bunny and Friends.

Punky Brewster was not totally banned from Birmingham, though.  When the series left NBC for syndication, it was shown on local station WTTO 21.  Merchandise for the animated series was sold at Toys R Us.  It is worth noting that the design for Brandon the dog looks very much like the dog character in another Ruby-Spears animated series, 1983's Rubik The Amazing Cube.  They were Recycling before Recycling was a thing.

As a kid, the refusal of our NBC station to air either version of Punky Brewster was a baffling mystery.

If only we had the Internet back then...

However, it was not the only network affiliate in town to refuse to air a series.  For example, Birmingham's ABC station would forever preempt Mr. Belvedere.  I have no idea what problem our ABC affiliate had with Mr. Belvedere.  The funny thing is that they apparently thought the robot girl show Small Wonder was a better show to air in its time slot.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pato Donald and Copete: Disney Ducks in Nogales, Mexico

In December of 1987, our visit to family in Phoenix, Arizona included a memorable day trip to Nogales, Mexico.  I was thrilled to find a store selling Mexican Disney comic books.  As a Disney fan, my mind exploded when I discovered that Pato Donald (Donald Duck) and Copete (Fethry) were two different characters.

The source of the confusion was this book, Disney's Wonderful World Of Knowledge.

This was a popular series in the United States.  The books originated in Italy

In the book, we are greeted by our "friend Donald Duck."

Our friend Donald doesn't look like himself in this book.

Donald's wardrobe changes in The Wonderful World of Knowledge seemed very peculiar to me.

Really, really strange costume changes for Donald.  Batman?!?

As I would find out, this wasn't Donald Duck at all.  This was an international Disney comic book character named Copete (AKA Fethry) dressed as his superhero character, the Red Bat.  Disney's Wonderful World of Knowledge was an Italian book series, and this particular book starred a character that was not well known in the United States.  So the publishers just called him Donald.

I was really fascinated with the Mexican Disney comics in Nogales.

The comics I found were small, Digest-sized books.

Copete, I discovered, was a major player in Pato Donald comics.

Though Copete has been very popular outside the United States, apparently the character has been very polarizing in the Disney Comics world.  Count me as a fan of Copete.

Tio Rico (Uncle Scrooge) keeps Pato Donald and Copete's feathers ruffled.

Copete eventually starred in his own comic books.  He even has a nephew (I believe he is playing the newsboy in this particular comic).

Eventually, stories featuring Copete appeared in the United States.  But he is still not well known in America like he is in other countries.

The Pato Donald comic book turned out to be a fantastic souvenir of my trip to Mexico.  I especially love the ads.

This bird mascot is still being used today, though he has been redesigned.

Muy Bueno!  It's the Mexican Quik bunny!

Wow, a tombstone in a Nestle Quik ad.  Things got dark and real.

On the drive from Phoenix to Nogales in 1987, we stopped at a Burger King.  They were selling those Rodney Reindeer Hallmark plush toys.  I wanted one, but did not get one.

A few weeks ago, I was visiting my Mom in Venice, Florida.  We went to Goodwill and I found a Burger King Rodney with the tag.  He was only 57 cents.  This time, I got him.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Busch Gardens Tampa On Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, 2016, I woke up bright and early and took my Mom on a trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida.

Montu welcomed us as we entered the parking lot and boarded the tram to the entrance.  This was unlike any Christmas Morning I've ever experienced.

On my first visit to Busch Gardens in 1996, Montu was new, and I was too afraid to ride the coaster.  Times have changed, and I was thrilled to finally ride it.

 A Lion Topiary greets visitors, eager to be a background for Portraits and Selfies.  It was too crowded for me to get a picture of his face.

Cheetah Hunt looms high in in the sky.  Time for adventure!

Busch Gardens was fully decked out in Tropical Christmas wonder.

This Peanutcracker attracts a hungry elephant.

Cheetah Hunt is my first ride of the day!

There are real, live cheetahs on display in this area (plus a topiary one).

On Christmas Eve last year, I found this Cheetah Hunt cup for sale at the Goodwill store in Venice, Florida.

I never would have guessed that a year later, I'd be at Busch Gardens on Christmas Day!

Cheetah Hunt is an Intamin roller coaster with three launches.  This ride opened in 2011, and had the good fortune to be in an amazing location.  The ride has the Serengeti Plain as a backdrop, and uses part of the old Rhino Rally attraction's water features.  Cheetah Hunt also uses the park's old Monorail Station, which it shares with the Skyride Station.

Cheetah Hunt has some well-designed, unique "Essence of Cheetah" roller coaster trains.  I really wish Busch Gardens would sell die-cast models of the cars.

Busch Gardens has an amazing Skyride that offers some fantastic views of Cheetah Hunt (and the rest of the park, too).

The roller coaster trains are launched up into the "Figure Eight" Tower and then plunge down, then under and over the Skyride.

As the Cheetah Hunt coasters roar over the Skyride, we can also see the Falcon's Fury drop tower and the Kumba roller coaster on the horizon.

Falcon's Fury is 335 feet tall (and yes, I rode it!) and opened in 2014.  Kumba (which I also rode) opened in 1993.

Pantopia is the home of Falcon's Fury and a bunch of other rides, including the Scorpion roller coaster shown here (in the background).

At night, Pantopia is hopping with activity.  Many of the tall palm trees were decorated for Christmas.  On this trip, I skipped Scorpion (which I did ride in 1996).

Here we see Scorpion (far left), the closed Gwazi coaster (in the background), SheiKra (far right), and the Stanley Falls log flume.

You may be wondering what the crowds were like here on Christmas Day.  Well, it was pretty busy, but not too bad.  It did get busier as the day progressed.  But taking the Skyride to the back of the park, I did notice that quite a bit of areas were nearly empty---probably because the crowds were still at the front of the park.

One of my favorite ride experiences at Busch Gardens is SheiKra.  I rode this and Cheetah Hunt twice.

SheiKra is a 200 foot tall , floorless B&M Dive Coaster that opened in 2005.  The view at the top is breathtaking, as is that drop.  We ate lunch at the nearby Zambia Smokehouse (Pulled Pork sandwich---Yum!).  This is the restaurant where I picked up a cardboard Cheetah hat.

Nearby, we enjoyed visiting the birds at Lory Landing and the Kangaroos at Walkabout Way.

The Kangaroos know how to enjoy a beautiful, sunny December day in Tampa.

Busch Gardens knows a thing or two about synergy.  They have a SeaWorld topiary!

My Mom and I went to SeaWorld on November 22, 2016.  It was all decorated for Christmas, too.  I finally got to ride Mako!

Sesame Street Safari of Fun opened in 2010.  This area replaced the Land of the Dragons, which was still fairly new on my visit in 1996.

You can see that the Land of the Dragons did not really go away completely.  The area added Sesame Street themes.  You can even see a dragon tail here in this picture.

Sesame Street Safari of Fun has rides and shows for little visitors.  And a shop, too.

Abby Cadabby's Treasure Hut sells a variety of Sesame Street Busch Gardens merchandise that seems to be exclusive to this one location.

Sesame Street Zebras, Lions, and Cape Buffalo make a very cute carousel.

Safari of Fun is like a Muppet version of Busch Gardens.

Some of the merchandise sold at Safari of Fun is also sold at the Sesame Place theme park in Pennsylvania.

A number of stores in Busch Gardens have special promotional items available to purchase after spending a certain amount of money.  Abby Cadabby's Treasure Hut offered a Sesame Place blanket for sale (I tried to buy it without making a purchase, and they wouldn't let me).

C is for Calories, Cholesterol and Clogged Arteries.

Cookie has a sense of humor.

As part of Busch Gardens Christmas Town, the whole park got a Christmas makeover and each section got a new name.

Most of the Holiday fun could be found in Holiday Hills, Ice Wonderway, Three Kings Oasis, Christmas Time Terrace, Celestial Crossings, Mistletoe Memories, the North Pole, Jungle Jubilee and Christmas Town Village.

The newest ride at Busch Gardens is Cobra's Curse, a Mack spinning roller coaster that debuted in 2016.

The highly detailed ride model is on display inside Celebration Village.

The highly detailed ride is found in Egypt.  It is a fun coaster to ride and a fun coaster to watch.  It starts off with the cars facing forward---then it changes to facing backward---and then it starts spinning.

The line for the ride is in an air-conditioned building (with show elements and live snake displays) that used to house the old Tut's Tomb.

Busch Gardens closed down the infamous Gwazi wooden coasters (which had a reputation for being very rough), but the name (and logos) continue to be used elsewhere.

In addition to this Gwazi themed game, the park has a flat ride (Gwazi Gliders) and Gwazi Park (which hosts special events).

One such special event is Christmas Town Village, which opened at 4PM.

We avoided this area due to growing crowds as the sun started setting.

Earlier in the day, we were among about five people to board the train in the Congo section of the park.  After dark, the train got a Christmas Sing Along theme, and was mobbed.

The Tiger Topiary proved to be a popular photo spot all day.  I could never get a picture of him from the front.

Our last rides of the day would be in Pantopia.  We rode the Grand Caravan Carousel.  Then I finally rode Falcon's Fury.  It is fun and terrifying at the same time.

I actually bought this Falcon's Fury cup at the Venice, Florida Goodwill---the same place I got the Cheetah Hunt cup last year!

We had planned on stopping to get dinner on the drive back to Venice.  Then I thought---would many places be open on Christmas Day?  We decided to eat at Zagora Cafe at the front of the park.  Lots of other people had the same idea.

At the end of the day, we explored the shops.  I loved the Busch Gardens Nutcrackers (SeaWorld had some great ones, too).

I hope to return to Busch Gardens next Christmas.  There is quite a bit that we did not experience.  The park is huge.  I'm kind of in shock that we missed the Edge of Africa exhibit and the Myombe Reserve.

Maybe next year I'll find a Cobra's Curse Nutcracker.