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Formula Juan Racer: Numero Uno!

Formula Juan Racer: Numero Uno!
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Baby Formula Juan Racer
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Monday, October 23, 2017

The New McDonald's SeaBiscuit: My Social Media Cartoons

Have you tried the new McDonald's SeaBiscuit?  Made with Fish, Eggs and Bacon, it's the Catch of the Day!  There's nothing quite like a fish breakfast sandwich.

Of course, this isn't real.  But maybe it should be.

Thanks to Social Media, it's easier than ever to to unleash ideas to the world.  Or at least to social media.

My experience with Facebook has often been "not great."  However, it is a fun way to show people silly ideas that pop into my head.

On Columbus Day, I noticed that nobody really wishes anyone a Happy Columbus Day.

You never see Columbus Day Greeting Cards.  I decided to change that.

When Hurricane Irma recently roared towards Florida, it was pretty scary.

I wondered how to capture the essence of a Hurricane as a cartoon.  Then I found the answer watching the weather forecast.  I had never paid attention to the symbol of a hurricane symbol before.  I can see the eye!

As Hurricane Irma ripped through Florida and Alabama, TV stations had a field day with weather coverage.

The buzzwords made me think of Hurricane Baby Names.

Then there was an item I heard about "Soil and Water Conservation."  Sounds kinda boring, right?  Well, I thought about mascots for such an organization.

Then I thought of their slogan.

You don't see many plant cartoon characters.  I came up with two.

These two mellow characters live in Colorado.

I recently came up with a character named Formula Juan Racer, based on a friend.

I have many more ideas for Formula Juan Racer and he is already a mascot for my blog.

For Halloween, I had to do something with Candy Corn.

Very corny, I know.

The success of Marvel's Black Panther got me thinking about the cartoon character The Pink Panther.

I thought about this at lunch, and had no paper, so I just grabbed the receipt for my sandwich and did a quick doodle.

I am not a political person.  I'm just mean.

I also think Twitter is stupid.

For Valentines Day, I came up with a special cartoon using a "puppet" character named Valentino (made of painted foam and pipe cleaners).

Coming up with Inappropriate Conversation Hearts was great fun.  I wanted all the facial features on Valentino to be hearts.  I think it looks pretty creepy, which is fun for the such a cloying, pandering holiday.

I also came up with an idea for a horror movie called Butterfly Kiss of Death.

The Butterflies destroy humanity.  Nobody suspects them.  It is the perfect crime.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Busch Bay: A New Name for SeaWorld

It is rare for a theme park to get a new name, but it does happen.  Case in point: Walt Disney World's Disney MGM Studios became Disney's Hollywood Studios.

My pitch to SeaWorld:  change the name of SeaWorld to Busch Bay.  I think it could solve a bunch of problems.

SeaWorld has been struggling with its image.  Rumors about the future of the parks have been swirling online for years.

SeaWorld getting sold or closing down is the biggest rumor on the internet lately.  While nobody should believe everything they read online, one SeaWorld park has closed in the past: SeaWorld of Ohio (1970-2000).

SeaWorld Ohio was not allowed to build rides.  So it was sold off as expansion to Six Flags Ohio.  Ironically, Six Flags Ohio was sold off to Cedar Fair, and the former SeaWorld site became a water park.

The addition of roller coasters to SeaWorld parks started in 1997 with The Great White inverted coaster in San Antonio.

Anheuser-Busch bought the SeaWorld parks in 1989.  So SeaWorld slowly started to resemble its sister Busch Gardens parks.

SeaWorld Orlando got Kraken in 2000, giving the Orlando market a new place for big thrills.

Some of the marketing and merchandising for SeaWorld's Kraken was very similar to Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Loch Ness Monster roller coaster (opened in 1978).

Kraken and the Loch Ness Monster promotional mascots: Fraternal Twins!  (Recently Kraken was switched to a more traditional "release the Kraken" squid as part of the new "Kraken Unleashed" VR overlay).

Eventually, the SeaWorld/Busch Gardens chain was sold off by the owners of Anheuser-Busch.  This brought the new SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment chain that includes Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Sesame Place, and several water parks.  The Busch name is licensed to SeaWorld Parks.

Once Upon a Time, Shamu and his crew appeared in McDonald's Happy Meals.

These days, the cartoon Shamu is not quite as visible.

The old Shamu has a bit of an image problem today.  So does this old Ronald McDonald.
SeaWorld Parks have a secret weapon.  And that weapon is Sesame Place.

Opened in Langhorne, Pennsylvania in 1980, Sesame Place is a small Sesame Street theme park.

Sesame Place is very successful for SeaWorld.  A new park is planned to open somewhere else in the United States.

Sesame Street lands exist in both Busch Gardens parks and at SeaWorld parks in California and Texas.  Florida is next (could it be a mini Sesame Place?).

Additions like hypercoaster Mako (added to SeaWorld Florida in 2016) further added to the idea that the park was becoming more like Busch Gardens.

The next new ride for SeaWorld Orlando is Infinity Falls, a raft ride with a vertical lift that opens in 2018.

I thought of a new marketing slogan for Busch Bay:  Come Sail Away at Busch Bay.

They'd have to use the Styx song "Come Sail Away" in the commercials.