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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disney's Beauty And The Beast: The Beast, The Beauty And The Wardrobe

Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time, so it's no surprise that the entertaining Disney version of the story was such a huge hit when it debuted in 1991.

The "Be The Beast" mask ad for the Super Nintendo Beauty and the Beast game could be found in the Burger King Kids Club Adventures newsletter promoting "The Lion King" in June of 1994.

Gaston wouldn't rest until the Beast's head was mounted on his wall. Belle could have saved everyone a lot of trouble if she had bought him a Collector's Mask of the Beast. This rare item was sold in the Disney Catalog around the time the movie was first released.

If Disney ever created a CGI version of Beauty and the Beast, I imagine this is what the Beast's head would look like. With all the great songs, and all the characters with different textures (porcelain, wood, wax, fur, brass, fabric, etc.) I think a CGI Beauty and the Beast could be simply amazing.

Belle (that's "Beauty" in French, something we learned in the "Bonjour" musical number when Belle's acquaintances sang in front of her about the fact that Belle was an outcast) is among friends with the Enchanted Objects.

The Markrita Belle Figurine (made by artists Mark and Rita Dornan) also features a fantastic sculpted pin of Beast. Beauty and the Beast items for collectors were frequently seen in the Disney Catalog during the early 2000s.

Who can forget the great scene in Beauty and the Beast where Mr. Tumnus jumps out of the Wardrobe to help fight off Gaston? Maybe I'm getting stories mixed up here.

What's in the Wardrobe's drawers? Whatever you put there! The Wind-Up Musical Wooden Armoire trinket box was made by a company called Schmid.

Schmid produced a large assortment of Beauty and the Beast collectibles.

These items were sold when the film debuted in 1991.

The Disney Catalog often developed some very creative, functional merchandise. They seemed to have a knack for making wonderful looking desk accessories, including one for Beauty and the Beast in the early 2000s.

There was also a Seven Dwarfs Desk set sold at about the same time, which can be seen at Disney's Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: The Plush Toy.

The sculptor for the Bell Jar took a bit of artistic license with Belle and the Beast, but in a good way. The characters looks a bit like a storybook illustration in three dimensions.

The Musical Snowglobe has a more traditional representation of the film's characters and settings. The Bell Jar and Musical Snowglobe were sold in the early 1990s.

The Beast's Castle was full of talking knick-knacks and furniture.

The Beast even had a talking Stove, who was brought to life as a Cardew Teapot.

Mrs. Potts, Chip and the Enchanted Objects enjoy serving their Guests.

Oops! Someone painted Lumiere's base in different colors. I guess maybe they wanted him to match Mrs. Potts and Chip.

This set was also issued in white, with gold accents.

Mrs. Potts was worried about getting spots on her in the movie. This version of Mrs. Potts would probably have a nervous breakdown if she was alive.

Beauty and the Beast get down and get funky as they boogie the night away in teapot form.

This teapot was not made to be used. I imagine it would be quite the conversation piece at a dinner party.

What time is it? It's time for a musical number in the dining room!

Luckily, the performing flatware is always punctual thanks to the Lumiere watch.

A high-class fellow like Cogsworth appreciates being made into a Waterford Crystal Clock. Crystal Cogsworth is breakable, so he cannot be the victim of slapstick comedy like he was in the movie.
The Beast's castle runs like clockwork thanks to Cogsworth.

Lumiere and Cogsworth are the best of friends. Most of the time.

The Beauty and the Beast Harmony Kingdom Box also features Mrs. Potts and Chip (not shown).

Artist Ron Lee has created sculptures of many famous characters over the years.

Ron Lee is also known for his sculptures of clowns, so his figure of Lumiere and Cogsworth is in good company.

Lumiere is a hit at parties, so make sure to wear the pin version of the famous candelabra to your next social gathering.

Lumiere will inspire you to wax poetic, which will impress everyone you meet.

Swarovski created some elegant Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Object pins, too.

Whether you are a being a guest, being a guest, being a guest or being a host, people will be impressed by the glittering crystal pin representations of these famous cartoon household objects.

Tonight, on a very special segment of Beauty and the Beast, we learn that the Beast never learned to read. Luckily, Belle, his bookish prisoner-turned-friend-turned-lover, teaches him how.

This is one of the best looking sculptures/snowglobes of the characters that I've ever seen.

Lumiere really lights up the room as a Big Figure.

The character designers and artists on Beauty and the Beast did such an amazing job. Lumiere's wax "hair" and melted candle "hands" are very inventive.

Lenox produced some detailed Figurines of some of the Beauty and the Beast characters.

The Beast proposes to Belle. She's already wearing her wedding dress. She says no. She wants to change him first.

The matronly Mrs. Potts enjoys spending time with her nine year old son, Chip.

Mrs. Potts was a wonderful mother figure for the Beast. She was so much nicer than the Beast's tutor, that awful Mrs. Commode.

Lumiere is quite the suave, sophisticated, charming candelabra.

Lumiere's children, a box of birthday candles, were not seen in the film or anywhere else. Because I just made that idea up.

Belle and the Beast take the advice of Mary Poppins and feed the birds.

Belle discovers something there that wasn't there before. She now has to worry about getting ticks and fleas.

Time is ticking for Beast. Belle must fall in love with him before the last rose petal falls, or his castle will remain cursed and he will never be a human again. The Beast's employees really got the raw deal here, being transformed into objects AND still having to serve the guy that caused the mess in the first place.
Belle and the Beast have the Most Dramatic... Rose Ceremony... Ever!!! Take that, reality TV shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette!

Belle turns life in the Beast's Castle upside down for everyone. In a good way.

This beautiful Hour Glass Snowglobe is not intended to be used as an actual hour glass (you'll really mess up the Castle if you try).

The Beast's Castle is brought to life in miniature, snowglobe form by sculptor Ian Fraser.

At Walt Disney World in Florida, the Beast's Castle towers over Belle's Village and cottage. Guests will soon be able to dine in Beast's Castle at the Be Our Guest Restaurant (it's supposed to snow there, too!).

The Beauty and the Beast Village French Village from Goebel was sold in the Disney Catalog in the 1990s.
Establishments not featured in The Beauty and the Beast French Village include Marcel's Mime Academy, Fifi's Poodle Parlor Dog Grooming, Escargot King (their slogan is "Slow Food. Fast."), Eiffel Tower Records, and Waffle Chateau.

At Fantasyland in Walt Disney World in Florida, visitors will soon be able to explore Belle's Village.
The Village is under construction as I write this, and is taking shape nicely between the It's A Small World attraction and the new Little Mermaid dark ride also under construction.

Visitors to the expanded Fantasyland will also be able to meet Belle in person.

Belle and Maurice's Cottage will house a new interactive attraction to entertain Walt Disney World Guests.

Beauty and the Beast have been appearing in Disney theme parks since 1991. The Beast may seem intimidating to these visitors at Disneyland in California, but he's really a softy.

He's literally a softy---he's a plush toy, as seen in the Disney Catalog merchandise from Beauty and the Beast's original theatrical run. You've got to love the Beast slippers, too.

For some holiday fun, check out Beauty And The Beast Valentines.

For more of Beauty and the Beast in Fantasyland, check out Walt Disney World's New Fantasyland (In Snow Globe Form).

If you are hungry now, check out Disney's Beauty and the Beast At Burger King, Pizza Hut And McDonald's.


  1. Those really are some great sculpts. I particularly like the hour glass castle too.

    And the beast collector's mask, how cool is that! I could see myself walking around the house with that on my head...and of course wearing a pair of beast feet too.

  2. A Snow White Sanctum: That hour glass castle is very impressive. Yes, there was a Snow White hour glass, too!

    The mask is one of the neatest items I've seen. It's too bad they didn't make Beast gloves, because with the slippers and mask, you could make a great Beast costume.

  3. I can't believe that mask!! And a steal at 120.00!! I'd love to get one of those! Wonder how much they're goin for on ebay?

  4. I want that mask! It looks like it was very well done. I wonder how may they sold back then?

  5. Darrin and TokyoMagic!: I only saw that Beast mask one time in the Disney Catalog (Fall 1992), so I'm guessing it is probably tough to find. I bet it sold out fast. I do think that it looks better than the face on the Beast used for Meet and Greets and Parades that was introduced to the Disney Parks in 1991.

  6. As a Beauty and the Beast collector, I have almost all of these items! (Not the mask, though; it was far too expensive.) Fun to see them all again.

  7. Hey studiorose---very cool! I don't have any of these items, but it is fun to look at them. You should have spent the money and got that mask. I bet it is worth a fortune now.

  8. There are two items I love most included The Beast's Castle Globe and The Hourglass Globe. The artwork is very detail.Unfortunately it was broken when shipping to home. >_< Those are the MOST WANTED items I am longing for. That's heartbroken and sad. I am trying my best to search around the same items on the internet. Either the price is too high or is not in a perfect condition.

    I really wish I could find those items soon. Wish me luck everyone. ^_^

  9. Do you know where I could purchase the "Beauty and the Beast" Tea time Teat set in all white?

  10. I would try frequently checking ebay, mollyb7. It may take some patience, but I bet it will show up there eventually.

  11. Dan,

    I recently bought my wife MOST of the Disney Beauty and the Beast French Village collection. However, I have had a next to impossible time tracking down The Booksellers as well as Belle's Fountain (the two rarest pieces according to sources). Do you have ANY idea where I may be able to purchase these two?!?! I have spent so many hours trying to track them down and so far nothing!!! Any help would mean the world to me!!!

  12. Hey Joshua Ryan! The only place I can think of is ebay (I just checked, and as I type this, they have the Bridge/Tower and the Pub listed). It will probably take great patience and luck to find all the pieces in the Village Collection.

  13. Good morning! Can you tell me how many pieces were released in the Frnch Village collection?

    1. I'm sorry to say I don't know. I'm guessing they can be found on ebay though.