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Monday, June 17, 2013

Disney's Beauty And The Beast At Burger King, Pizza Hut And McDonald's

Beauty and the Beast are known for their love of fine French cuisine, but they have also been associated with French Fries found at burger joints all over the world.

When "Beauty and the Beast" debuted in 1991, the film was promoted by Burger King in the United States.

"Beauty and the Beast" was the first Disney Burger King Kids Club toy set.

At the time, fast food promotions typically featured four premiums, with a different toy to collect each week.

Over the years, the number of different toys offered during promotions increased.

Burger King's Belle and Beast are action figures.

Chip is a pull-back mobile figure and Cogsworth is a wind-up toy.

Beauty and the Beast was a big hit for Disney, and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.

Back then, Paula Abdul was really popular (it looks like somehow she is trying to upstage Belle here), and was not known as a former judge on American Idol.

Disney's deal with Burger King was not exclusive.  For the video release of "Beauty and the Beast," Pizza Hut sold vinyl puppets of Belle, Beast, Cogsworth and Chip.

Pizza Hut also sold puppets for "The Land Before Time", "Casper" and "Flipper".

Outside of the United States, McDonald's promoted the theatrical release of "Beauty and the Beast."  The Happy Meal set is similar to Burger King's toys, though Mrs. Potts was represented instead of Chip.

Many international McDonald's restaurants also sold a set of Beauty and the Beast plush toys.

Tonight, on a very special episode of "Blossom," the Beast gives his enchanted rose to a new dance partner.

Before Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) signed her Relationship Agreement with Sheldon Cooper on "The Big Bang Theory", she had a whirlwind romance with the Beast.

Like Sheldon, the Beast is a big fan of Star Trek.

The Beast joined Patrick Stewart, Pinocchio, Magica De Spell, Darkwing Duck and Jessica Rabbit for a very special Star Trek mission.  You know Sheldon Cooper is more jealous of the Beast's Star Trek experience than the Beast's dance with Amy Farrah Fowler.

By 2002, Disney and McDonald's were in the midst of an exclusive, multi-year global promotional partnership.  Beauty and the Beast: Special Edition toys could be found in Happy Meals.

Belle loves to balance stacks of books.  No wonder the whole town sang about her being odd, right in front of her.

Belle used to be a waitress before she met the Beast.

Belle broke a lot of dishes when she was a waitress.  Don't worry, those dishes could not sing or dance.

The Beast guards the enchanted Rose.

An Enchantress cast a spell over the spoiled Prince's Castle, which turned the Prince into a Beast and all the servants (thousands of them, apparently) into forks, spoons, dishes, knives, candles, cups, clocks, sporks and Swiffer Sweepers.

Let's talk about the directions for the McDonald's toys.  They are hilarious.

I have this toy and I still don't know what it is supposed to do.

Lumiere wants you to be his guest.  He has a song prepared for you.

Lumiere blinks, opens his mouth, and does tricks (like the Featherduster).

Playing with Lumiere is the only time it is OK to play with fire.

At Walt Disney World in Florida, an animated Lumiere stars in the 3D "Mickey's Philharmagic" and in "Enchanted Tales With Belle" in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom.

Mrs. Potts offers you a spot of tea.  From inside her head.

Chip, the cracked cup, is the son of Mrs. Potts.  Thankfully, when Chip becomes human again, he is not missing a chunk of his head.

Mix your favorite drinks with Mrs. Potts and Chip.

When you pour cold water into Chip, it looks like he shivers.  Wouldn't you?

Gaston is the most popular and hairy fellow in town, and he is in love with Belle.

No one shoots like Gaston, or knocks boots like Gaston (so he says).

Belle digs hairy guys, but she also likes it when they look like a cross between a gorilla and a buffalo.  Sorry, Gaston!

Visitors to Fantasyland at Walt Disney World in Florida can now dine at Gaston's Tavern (decorated with antlers, of course) and at the Be Our Guest Restaurant.  I hear the Grey Stuff is delicious.

It is always snowing at the Beast's Castle, where the food is prepared by kitchen utensils that can dance and sing.

Belle had the idea to install a pick-up "drive-thru" window for those Walt Disney World guests who want to quickly grab and eat some Be Our Guest food and then ride the Mad Tea Party.  Simply talk into the mouth of one of the gargoyles outside the Castle to place your order.

Be Our Guest and Gaston's Tavern are so popular that Belle and the Beast want to open a national chain of restaurants.  Featured items include Beast's Roast Turducken Feast, Belle's Beauty and the Beet Salad, Lumiere's Flame Broiled Escargot, Cogsworth's Five Minute Eggs, Gaston's Jerk Suckling Pig, Mrs. Potts Long Island Ice Tea, Chip's Chocolate Chip Cookie, and the Hershey's French Kisses Hot Sundae.

The Enchanted Objects will be equal partners in any restaurant venture with Beauty and the Beast, as part of a settlement of their lawsuit against the Beast.  This was for years of trauma they suffered from being transformed from humans to knick-knacks (this includes therapy for Chip, who had to spend most of his childhood as a cup).

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