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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Universal's Grinchmas And The Sleigh Ride Plummet Down Mount Crumpet

Ever since Seuss Landing at Universal's Islands of Adventure in Florida opened in 1999, there's been chatter in Whoville about when visitors could expect to see a certain famous snow-capped summit. What better way to celebrate Grinchmas at the Universal Orlando Resort than a sleigh ride with the Grinch down the top of Mount Crumpet?

Here I am showcasing official blueprints for Universal's Grinch roller coaster. Don't get too excited, because it is only about the same height as a toaster.

You can build this Grinch coaster while eating a bagel and lox and getting an injection of Botox while drinking a Scotch on the rocks. It's really quite simple once you've opened the box. You won't need help from the Red Sox, or the White Sox, or even Courtney Cox.

Man, when you are racing through the abominable snow covered caverns of Mount Crumpet, watch out for the Grinch! He's not exactly scary, but he might make you flinch.

The Grinch seems like a menace, yet he sings and is pleasant. At the end of your sleigh ride, maybe he will give you a present (a souvenir photograph, for a fee---after all, we are talking about Orlando, where nothing is free).

The Grinch's sleigh is one awesome, fast ride. There's all sorts of blinking lights and gadgets inside.

Whoville is a place that's always on the move. It has its own style and has its own groove.

When the 2000 live action "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" movie debuted, brand new cartoon versions of the Grinch, Cindy Lou Who and Max inspired by the Jim Carrey film were created for merchandise and promotions. You could find the new Grinch characters on books, toys, and probably bottles of shampoo and lotions.

An unusual Grinch Sleigh Game could be found at your local RadioShack shop. It is not very high-tech, as it features a scrolling paper backdrop.

The Grinch takes his sleigh through the drive-thru at Wendy's for a Green Eggs and Hamburger feast. If his promotion had been at Arby's instead, he could have gotten a sandwich filled with hot Roast Beast.

The Grinch toys at Wendy's double as ornaments and are quite the sight to see. Haven't you always wanted something that smells like greasy burgers and fries hanging on your Christmas Tree?

Max is the Grinch's friendly and loyal assistant pet hound. Living with the Grinch is not great for him, but it is better than being locked up in a cage at the pound.

Max is not only good at pretending to be a reindeer, he obeys when the Grinch gives him a call. I bet you Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer can't play fetch or catch a ball.

Is the Grinch stealing your stocking or filling it full of trinkets and toys? This clever double stocking is perfect for greedy girls and boys.

Will you get treasures of all sizes and shapes that will put you in a good mood? Or will you get lumps of coal due to your rotten attitude?

They say it is always better to be bigger and bolder. Yet this set of tiny Grinch and Max plush clips each doubles as a Hershey-ets chocolate candies holder.

Hershey's Max and Grinch plush are among the best Seuss toys I've seen. Max is adorable and the excellent Grinch looks just the right amount of mean.

The Max Candoodler Pen and Candy Dispenser is an amazing invention. It allows you to enjoy eating candy while doing school work in detention.

Use the Candoodler to write checks to the cable and electric company and you'll still have a good day. Use the Candoodler to sign divorce papers and eat your worries away.

In the Grinch Viewer, see pictures of actors Jim Carrey, Christine Baranski and Molly Shannon. They've got lots of cool Rick Baker prosthetics, fur and makeup on.

The Grinch and Cindy Lou Who share a heartwarming moment, about which Grinch director Ron Howard knows a thing or three. It is still fun to watch him on the Andy Griffith show as little boy Opie.

Max would like to get a Grinch Koosh ball during Whoville's Christmas celebration. He can chew and slobber on it to take out some of his simmering frustration.

Throw the Grinch Koosh ball to Max and it is something he might not retrieve. He might bury it, or it could be subjected to fluid that he might have to relieve.

The Grinch is eye pleasing in complementary red and green. That's the only compliment he will get here, since he tends to act so mean.

The Grinch is not afraid of bold self-expressions. To bad he focuses on objects and material possessions.

In the original Grinch story, Cindy Lou Who was no more than two. For the live action movie, she grew and grew and grew.

This kind of rapid character aging happens all the time in Hollywood to give projects a storytelling fix. Remember how Andrew Keaton on the TV show "Family Ties" was a baby one year, and the following season he was age six?

If Max wanted to find a new home, it wouldn't be rough. Resisting his charm would be very tough.

Max is easy to train, and is easily led. He's already stuffed, so he doesn't need to be fed.

Da Grinch looks like a hooligan that is up to no good. Folks wouldn't take kindly to this Dirt-Bike delinquent in a quiet neighborhood.

We know the Grinch is a bad boy, and his reputation ain't sunny. He can sure give Jack Nicholson a run for his money.

The Grinch used to love going to Blockbuster Video, then they crossed his path. He got charged a late return fee, and the store felt his wrath.

Blockbuster Video stores closed down and the Grinch got his way. If it's up to the Grinch, Redbox will be Greenbox someday.

The Grinch is happy to give folks the game of Whoville-opoly, where cash is king and more green is better. After all, people have more fun with money than a tacky holiday sweater.

You can play Whoville-opoly as the Grinch, the Roast Beast, the Stocking, Cindy Lou Who, Max, or the Heart. If you don't get your first choice game piece to play with, please don't have a dramatic come-apart.

The version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" that people seem to remember best is the 1966 special, which was both heartwarming and funny. It was directed by animation legend Chuck Jones, best known for his work with Warner Brothers characters like Road Runner and Bugs Bunny.

The animated special features the voice talents of Boris Karloff as the Grinch, with singing by Thurl Ravenscroft (so GRRReat as Tony the Tiger for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes) and a memorable line from June Foray as Cindy Lou, the tiny Who girl. Foray may be best known to folks as Bullwinkle the Moose's friend, Rocky the Flying Squirrel.

The Grinch has appeared on more than just one holiday decoration. And it looks like his TV special was the source of some "Grinchspiration."

Hallmark's 1987 Reindoggy ornament looks like he could be TV special Max's long lost kin. Compared to the dog in the 2000 Jim Carrey movie, Reindoggy looks like Max's twin.

In 1998, Jim Henson Productions brought the Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss to life with their famous puppetry and innovation. The Grinch, The Cat in the Hat, and other famous Seuss faces could be seen on TV screens in homes across the nation.

In "Horton Hears a Who" (1954) Horton the Elephant discovers the tiny Whos of Whoville living on a speck of dust (a few years before the Grinch made Christmas in Whoville Merry). In the 2000 Jim Carrey Grinch movie, the Whos lived on a snowflake, and in the 2008 Horton computer animated movie, the famous elephant was voiced by Jim Carrey.

In 1957, the original story of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by Theodor Seuss Geisel debuted as a storybook. In this incarnation of the Grinch, the character had a very different look.

The original "Classic Grinch" is still quite popular these days, and he loves to show off his sinister sneer. He can be found on merchandise in book stores, cards shops, and as a theme park souvenir.

For many years now, Christmas time at Universal theme parks in California and Florida is celebrated in a different form. That's when the snow-filled Grinchmas can be found where it is typically sunny and warm.

The wild world of Grinchmas in Whoville is a kinetic, wacky place. It's sure to put a smile on even the most Grinchy face.

At Christmas, the Grinch's heart grows rather large. So does his ego, because at the Universal parks, he's now in charge.

It's getting close to Grinchmas, so we'd better start counting down. If you're good, the Grinch won't steal the decorations and gifts from your town.

Since it's better to give than to receive, how about a gift for the Grinch, please? I'd like to suggest Advantage for his ticks and his fleas.

The Grinch will accept monetary tips, since he loves green money. Make it easy on yourself---how about a ten or a twenty?

Be sure to leave a plate of cookies and a glass of milk out for the Grinch, and for Max, Kibbles 'n Bits in a bowl on the floor. If you do, they just might leave you presents galore.

Yes, I did it! I made this whole thing rhyme. What can I say? I have lots of free time.


  1. I have never seen so much grinch merchandise! I really loved Jim on that role. =D

  2. Love your rhyming post, Dan! Now I want to go on the Mt. Crumpet sled ride. They should definitely build something like that at Universal Orlando and give Disney and their Expedition Everest a run for their money!

  3. Hey Lucy! Yes, Jim Carrey is a natural to play a wild cartoon character!

    Thanks, TokyoMagic! There is a rumor that the Grinch ride might still be an option for Universal's Islands of Adventure. I really hope they build it!

    Yesterday, I was at the Buenavista Mexican Restaurant in Scottsboro, Alabama and inside the Claw Machine game in their arcade, they had a Universal Grinch pillow as a prize!

  4. Rhyming post...you're the next Dr. Seuss! :) The Grinch and his "Extreme Dirt Bike"? That's nuts...and hilarious! The package even comes with a couple of wrenches...the first things to be lost once it's opened on Xmas morning. Great post.

  5. Thanks, Snow White Archive! I remember reading that there was a delinquent teenage Grinch story sequence that was dropped from the live action Grinch movie. I wonder if this Dirt Bike Grinch has something to do with that.