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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Alice Through The Disney Funhouse Looking Glass

Walt Disney's animated version of Alice in Wonderland continues to have a life beyond the 1951 film. The characters appear in commercials, television shows, theme parks, movies, and merchandise. "Not your ordinary looking glass" is from a series of Funhouse mirror shirts sold in the Disney Catalog years ago (the line also featured a shirt featuring the Seven Dwarfs and one featuring Mickey Mouse and friends).

The Disney Catalog and Disney Store rarely missed a chance to celebrate a film's anniversary. Or its un-birthday, in the case of Alice in Wonderland.

Everyone will know that you are a little bit mad when you hang this on your front door. Or that you are a Disney fanatic. Or a Lewis Carroll groupie.

Don't let the Mad Hatter or the March Hare near this dish. They'll break it, and it is a collector's item.

Don't eat off this plate. Just look at it.

This lamp will help you read in the golden afternoon, or at night.

These flower characters along with the Tiger Lilly, Daffodil and Dandelion would be great mascots for the annual Walt Disney World Flower and Garden Festival.

The Cheshire Cat is major merchandising character. The White Rabbit is not seen as much, because he is always late to meetings with Disney Consumer Products.

These toys are from 1996. I think this is one of the best Cheshire Cat plushes I've seen.

The Alice in Wonderland characters have a good sense of humor, which is a good thing to see on a T-shirt.

How about "Alice in Down Under Land," with the characters dressed for a trip in the Outback?

It's pretty easy to build your own Wonderland with snow globes.

You can find some high-roller collectibles, too!

How about a Swarovski Cheshire Cat pin to wear to the fanciest restaurant in town? Or maybe a high-society cat show?

The Cheshire Cat is one of Alice's best frenemies.

Who needs a GPS system when you have directions like these to work with?

Martha Stewart would approve of a dinner served on these Alice in Wonderland dishes. Or maybe she wouldn't. Who cares?

The large figures of the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit (with the watch) are a bit of a mystery, as they are not mentioned in the Catalog.

If you have the Queen of England over for tea, she'll get a kick out of your Alice in Wonderland cookie jar and tea set.

I love the character designs here!

There's also a fancy, classy Jenga-like stacking tea set, too.

Here's a courtroom scene snow globe! I think this is from the short-lived Disney TV series, "Alice McBeal." Calista Flockhart played Alice, Judge Judy provided the voice of the Queen of Hearts and James Spader was the voice of the White Rabbit.

If you've ever wanted one of the figures from Disneyland's Alice in Wonderland ride, this is probably the closest thing you can get.

If you get this, you might want to warn any guests sleeping over that the eyes and teeth glow in the dark at night.

Here's a "Drink Me" snow globe.

I wonder why they didn't make a snow globe based on the plot point where Alice had to eat something...

Hasbro released some Disney Wild Racers die cast cars of the Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat in 2002.

Hat Rod (the Mad Hatter) and Invisible Incinerator (Cheshire Cat) were tough to find!

Disney Wild Racers were dropped from retail toy store chains at about the same time these characters were released. Disneyland and Walt Disney World later sold these cars packaged individually as Disney Racers.

The cars were later re-released as a two-pack at the Disney Parks and Disney's online store for the debut of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland in 2010.

A simple paint job transforms the original Disney Mad Hatter into Johnny Depp's character, and Sterling Holloway's Cheshire Cat into the blue CGI version from the newer movie.

The Mock Turtle and Gryphon were not in any of Disney's films, but they starred in a Disney Jell-O commercial in the 1950s!

The Mock Turtle character was based on a real dish from author Lewis Carroll's time. "Mock Turtle Soup" was made using a calf's head. That is kind of gross, but the character has always been appealing to me. I'd love to see Disney revive the Gryphon and the Mock Turtle!


  1. How fun...another funhouse mirror T-shirt. I like all of those items. Alice In Wonderland is one of my favorite Disney movies!

  2. Hey TokyoMagic! Wonderland has inspired some pretty cool merchandise over the years. The Funhouse shirt is one of my favorites.

  3. I really like how Alice is sticking up out of the liquid in the snow globe. Begs the question..."Is the globe have empty or half full?" :)

  4. A Snow White Sanctum: Yes, that is some impressive snow globe engineering right there! It's a Disney snow globe, so it is half full, of course.