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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Transformers And Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, Sponsored By Wacky Packages

To celebrate the opening of the Transformers attraction at Universal Studios in Florida, the Universal Orlando Resort has an unbelievable corporate sponsorship with Topps Wacky Packages.

The new partnership will allow Universal's Halloween Horror Nights to be celebrated in bold new ways.  Building on the success of Butterbeer and the exclusive merchandise found at Universal's Islands of Adventure, a new world of products will be available at Universal Orlando.  And since it's written on the Internet, it has to be true.

You've never seen Nickelodeon characters like this before.

Do you remember "The Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera" attraction at Universal Studios in Florida?

The Flintstones have been excavated for Halloween fun.

Jaws went belly up to make room for the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley expansion at Universal Studios in Florida.

Jaws is back because he doesn't know the meaning of the word "Fin."  (The world "Fin" is often used at the end of a high-brow or foreign film).

King Kong went ape when the Mummy unraveled the gorilla's attraction at Universal Studios.

Folks are going bananas when they hear that King Kong will be swinging back to Universal for Halloween.

Rumors about new attractions for Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure just won't go extinct.

Jurassic Park 3D debuted in theaters in 2013.  A fourth new movie is in the works, but has been delayed.

Can we expect to see a restaurant with Brontosaurus Burgers on the horizon?

No, because the term "Brontosaurus" is not used anymore.  (The creature is now called an "Apatosaurus").

Men In Black: Alien Attack will get a tasty new sponsor.

Mallomartians are out of this world.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will have some new food items.

Look for tasty cookie treats at new snack stands located under select bridges at the Universal Orlando Resort.

Of course, when you visit the Simpsons in Springfield, you'll have to get some donuts.  Mmmmm.

It's time to make the D'oh Nuts.

New candy will be offered at Marvel Superhero Island.

We never see Spider-Man eating flies, do we?

Universal Studios has been celebrating Halloween in a big way for years.

You never know what famous face you'll run into who'll want to take your face off.

Universal's slogan early on was "Ride the Movies!"

So grab your popcorn and pour some cola on the bottom of your shoes, because it's time to get moving.

You'll be spending the whole day at the parks, so you'll want to get some good meals here.

You'll be happier than the Pillsbury Doughboy on his way to a baking convention.

Maybe you'd enjoy a quiet dinner.

It could be so romantic, you'll find yourself coming apart.

You'll find all sorts of low-fat dining options.

So you can stay fit on vacation.  You'll just be skin and bones.  Or just bones.

Even the condiments get into the Halloween spirit.

Only fresh Killer Tomatoes are used in the ketchup.

There's nothing like a hearty bowl of soup on a cool October night.

How about a shrunken heady bowl of soup?

Enjoy some crackers with your soup.

It's OK to eat these crackers in bed, because they can get rid of your bedbugs.

Now it's time for dessert!

You won't find these cookie monsters on Sesame Street.

Sink your fangs into some bloody good treats.

Forget about counting calories.  It's Halloween!

How about some cookies?  I'll toss you some.

Dessert was great, but now it's time to go trick or treating for candy!

What will you find in your trick or teat bag?  Dental floss?  Pennies?

No way!  Frankenstein knows what folks want.

One of the most coveted items is a ring!

Look at it, my precious!

Even pets can celebrate Halloween at Universal.

Dogs staying at the Universal Orlando Resort Kennel will enjoy their own Halloween treats.

And yes, cats are fed special food at the Kennel, too.

I'm not sure how many people bring their cat with them in a car on a trip to the Universal Orlando Resort, but I guess it happens more than you'd think.

Humans staying at Universal resort hotels get special Halloween perks, too.

Enjoy a wonderful breakfast in the morning.

Sip on a refreshing beverage.

Don't spill it!  It will leave a nasty stain.

Enjoy the special Halloween shampoo at Universal's hotels.

Frankly, the shampoo is shocking and electrifying.

You'll find the scent in the hotel rooms to be bewitching.

The luxurious rooms at Universal's hotels will cast a spell on you.

The partnership between Universal and Wacky Packages will probably make other Orlando attractions a bit green.  With envy!

Wacky Packages did reach out to many other Florida attractions with partnership offers, but most got cold fins.

One particular item is another story.  It is a toy.

For this, you've got to get in line early.  Otherwise, midway through the day, you'll have to wait in line over two hours for it.


  1. Very clever post, Dan....as usual! I LOVE Wacky Packages. Are they making them new again or are these older ones? I still have all of mine from childhood.

    So are they really replacing Jaws with a second Harry Potter-themed area as was rumored a while back? Also, I didn't know Orlando was getting the Transformers attraction. Where is that being built?

  2. Thanks, TokyoMagic! Most of these Wacky Packages are from 2007. Yes, they are still making Wacky Packages!

    Transformers opens at Universal Studios in Florida on June 20, 2013. It was built very quickly where the old Hercules and Xena show used to be.

    Yep, Jaws at Universal Studios in Orlando was torn down some time ago to make room for more Harry Potter. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley expansion was recently announced by Universal (it has been under construction for a while) and is targeted to open in 2014. Universal's Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios will be linked by Hogwarts Express.

  3. These Wacky Packages are reminiscent of something similar produced a LONG, LONG time ago when I was a kid. Don't remember what they were exactly, but they had the same type of "wacky" flavor.

    I like the zombies on Lorna Doom. Fred and Barney appear to be going insane on the Fruity Peppers box. Cayenne can do that. ;)

    I'll miss Jaws but am looking forward to more Harry Potter.

  4. Hey Snow White Archive! Doing some research, it looks like Wacky Packages started back in 1967, and have had different names over the years (including "Wacky Packs" and "Wackies").

    I can't wait to see more Harry Potter! I really should have visited Jaws on my last trip to Universal...

  5. Thanks for the info, Dan. Do we know yet what other attractions will go into the new Harry Potter area? I had heard that rumor about the Hogwarts Express linking the two parks.....glad to hear that it is now more than just a rumor. I will miss Jaws though! :-(

  6. Hey TokyoMagic! All the details haven't been announced, but Gringotts Bank will be a major attraction.

    It really is wild that Jaws is gone, since it was among the first "new additions" to Universal Studios Florida.

  7. Thanks again, Dan. I'm glad I was able to experience the Jaws attraction. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to see Orlando's King Kong. :-(

  8. TokyoMagic!: King Kong was fun in Orlando, though I have to admit that I prefer the Mummy attraction. Best King Kong (in my opinion) was the giant animatronic that was in Hollywood (with banana breath) that was sadly destroyed in a fire.