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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas: Mickey Mouse For Your House

I've never been to Walt Disney World in Florida in December (one of the busiest times of the year for the Magic Kingdom) but I did grow up watching the Very Merry Christmas Parade on Christmas Day.

In 1993, I got a Holiday Flyer from Walt Disney World, which featured some great items that were exclusive to the Florida parks.

The arms and legs on the very animated Nutcracker Mickey ornament move when you pull his tail.

Back in 1993, Disney's Hollywood Studios was called Disney MGM Studios, and Santa visited Epcot for an International Holiday.

What's in the box that Mickey and Minnie are opening on the Disney MGM Studios ornament? I bet it's a giant Sorcerer's Hat.

Nothing oozes sex appeal quite like Candy Cane striped Ebenezer Scrooge pajamas with Mickey Mouse Ears.

Mickey, Goofy and Minnie entertain Walt Disney World Guests every single day of the year.

I was able see Walt Disney World decorated for the holidays for the first time in November of 2009. It really is amazing. It's a great time to see some Disney characters that are only at the parks during Christmas, including the famous Disney theme park Reindeer.

Walt Disney World features the ultra-rare White Reindeer! I never saw these variants of the goofy Reindeer during the Very Merry Christmas Parade on TV. Maybe they were only featured during the Jolly Holidays Dinner Show. I can't believe Disney hasn't made plush toys of these Reindeer.

The artist that created this 1993 Walt Disney World Pluto tie did a great job capturing the look of 1930s Disney cartoons.

Most cartoon Reindeer tend to look like Bambi-type deer. Not these guys! I think these are my favorite Disney Reindeer.

Mickey and Goofy pilot some less interesting looking reindeer for these decorations.

It's too bad someone in the merchandising department did not use the 1930s-looking Reindeer for these items, or the Reindeer characters used in the Christmas Parade.

Show your neighbors you are a Disney fanatic and put this stuff all over your house.

Vermin decorations are popular at Christmas.

The Walt Disney World parks show up on ornaments, too.

It's curious that there wasn't a Magic Kingdom Disc Ceramic Ornament, considering it's the most popular park in Florida.

Mickey and the Gang would love to decorate your tree.

Not shown is a "Donald on a Sleigh" ornament. I guess we'll never know what it looks like.

In 1993, there were no Pixar characters yet to be featured on Walt Disney World ornaments. It is rare for a character like Baloo to show up on much merchandise these days.

Get your Walt Disney World mug ready for Santa. Fill it with milk, or hot cocoa. Or maybe even Rum (Santa's had a long night).

Check your watch---Christmas is almost here.

Santa is messy. Better leave him a napkin so he doesn't get crumbs all over your house and attract some mice that are not as nice as Mickey.

Hang up your stockings and put on your Santa Mouse Ears.

Give Santa Claus a big Welcome and he'll leave you something cool.

Don't forget those cookies for Santa!

Mickey is a method actor, so he gains 30 pounds to play Santa.

Kids, you better grab a stuffed animal and get to bed, or Santa might pass you by.

Winnie the Pooh asked Santa Claus to bring the ride system from Tokyo Disneyland's "Pooh's Hunny Hunt" attraction to Walt Disney World in Florida. Naughty Winnie the Pooh stole some honey from some bees, so don't count on that gift!

Not a creature was stirring, except Santa Mickey and Minnie.

The world's largest mice are in your home. Don't worry, that is a good thing.

Soldier Mickey leads his troops to a victorious holiday celebration.

You can even have a VHS tape of a Walt Disney World Christmas. Hey, it's the White Reindeer on the cover!

Soldier Mickey Mouse battles the cold weather to make a cool Mickey Mouse Snowman.

I believe some of the Snowman Mickey plush toys played music.

Over the years (1990-2005), the Disney Catalog offered some great Christmas merchandise.

Snow in Florida? At Walt Disney World, anything can happen.

Whether you live in a house, an apartment, or in a van down by the river, you can celebrate Christmas at Walt Disney World in your home.

The Walt Disney World Railroad doesn't operate during the Parades, nor does it operate here.

At Disneyland in California, the It's a Small World attraction gets a holiday makeover. These ornaments represent Disneyland's version of the ride. This is California's hippo (yes, there is a difference!).

The Christmas Parade at Walt Disney World is full of toys, reindeer, gingerbread people and more.

Before Disney Pixar's Planes movie, there was Pedro the Plane, who has been featured on toys and on items like this Snowglobe.

Over the years, there have been many versions of the Mickey Mouse Nutcracker.

I know that at Disneyland in California, there was a Mickey's Nutcracker stage show, which at one point featured Ratigan from the animated film "The Great Mouse Detective" as the Mouse King (one of the best bits of casting ever, as Ratigan was a rat who called himself a mouse).

Mickey Mouse leads a Parade of Nutcrackers. No, it's not a mob of overly aggressive women, it's a cavalcade of Christmas decorations!

I guess Daisy Duck did not make the cut. She's probably too high-maintenance to be a soldier.

Nutcracker Minnie has had some wardrobe changes over the years as well.

All those years of Minnie dancing to the Mickey Mouse Club March song have paid off!

Goofy celebrates the holidays with son, Max.

Goofy leads the K-9 Unit of the Disney Nutcracker Soldiers.

Pluto is second in command.

Pluto would probably be the leader if he could talk.

Geppetto and Pinocchio represent Fantasyland.

If Geppetto carved Pinocchio, who carved Geppetto?

Even though Pinocchio is a compulsive liar, he will probably get something for Christmas.

Don't get too excited, Pinocchio. You'll be getting a Terminix Termite Bond.

Tinkerbell and Nutcracker Captain Hook make a truce for the holidays.

How are Santa's Reindeer able to fly? With Tink's help, of course!

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger make sure the Hundred Acre Wood is decorated for the holidays.

Nutcracker Pooh enjoys Honey Roasted Almonds.

Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey is very busy at Walt Disney World.

Sorcerer Mickey hosts the Mickey's Philharmagic 3D attraction at the Magic Kingdom, and the Fantasmic! night time show at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Scrooge McDuck and Mickey star in "Mickey's Christmas Carol," based on the Charles Dickens classic haunted holiday story.

Before the film debuted in 1983, there was a "Mickey's Christmas Carol" record album. This featured songs not used in the film.

Even though they are softies, Tigger and Pooh became soldiers, too!

The Parade of Disney Nutcrackers is ending.

A small group of the soldiers have decided to take over the Christmas Tree by force.

Don't let their cuteness fool you. These characters possess an awesome power.

Now that the Parade on Main Street is over, it is time to go window shopping.

The windows on Main Street are home to some animated Christmas displays.

Tigger, Pooh and Goofy entertain us with their wacky antics.

Pooh is eating cookies in bed. Those cookies were for Santa, Pooh!

It's now time to enjoy the Christmas lights.

Why isn't there a Main Street Electrical Christmas Parade?

Mickey and Minnie have been really busy, and are ready to relax with a few bottles of wine.

They'll have to leave the Magic Kingdom and go to Epcot.

Check your watch, because it looks like it's time for the Disney Parks to close.

Get back to your hotel and get to sleep, because soon it will be Christmas Day at Walt Disney World.

On Christmas Eve, Santa has a long night ahead of him. He's also got lots of hotels and parks to visit in Orlando.

Luckily, Mickey has set up a satellite toy shop in Florida for Santa.

Don't worry, Santa, Mickey has volunteered to help deliver Christmas presents, too!

This year, if you hear a creature stirring on Christmas Eve, know that it may be a mouse. And that mouse could be Mickey. So be sure to leave out a plate of cheese. Unless you live in an apartment in New York City. I hear rats can be a problem there.


  1. And I bet you could do even more Christmas posts if you wanted. It's amazing how many xmas-themed Disney merchandise appeared in the Disney Catalog over the years.

    Those xmas watches are cool, although I don't think I'd wear them too often at other times of the year. I also like the Geppetto and Pinocchio nutcracker. Think I'll pass on the Candy Cane striped Ebenezer Scrooge pajamas...although they're probably quite the collector item today. :)

  2. Hey A Snow White Sanctum! Yes, the amount of Holiday Disney merchandise made over the years is astounding.

    I wonder how many Candy Cane striped Mickey Mouse ear pajamas got "Re-Gifted" in 1994...

  3. I love those Small World ornaments! I actually have that animated Minnie Mouse figure and a Mickey figure too, but he's dressed in a red Santa suit that matches what Minnie is wearing.

    Poor Pooh, if he had played his cards right, Orlando would have an awesome Pooh attraction right now just like Tokyo!

    When IS the Disney Studio park going to get rid of that large ugly hat anyway? ;-)

  4. Hey TokyoMagic! Yes, those Small World ornaments are nicely done. It's too bad Florida doesn't get the Holiday version of the ride.

    I wonder how many years those animated Christmas Disney characters have been sold, and how many small variations were made?

    The Sorcerer Hat at the Studios and the lack of the Hunny Hunt ride system at Walt Disney World are a big mystery to me.

    Hopefully Orlando's Wizard in glasses that is about to dramatically change vacations in Florida will inspire Mickey to make some more additions very soon.

  5. The Boy Who Lived is also The One That Slipped Through Their Fingers And Shook Things Up.